Family Dedication Registration

We believe that the family is a sacred institution of God and it was created and designed by Him. No one has a greater potential to impact a child’s spiritual development more than the parent(s)! Your involvement in a family dedication is a pledge to God and the church family that you are serious about the wonderful role that God has given you and that you are committed to raising your child(ren) to not only learn God’s Word, be in church, but also that your child(ren) will prayerfully believe in Christ personally when they can understand what Christ did for them. At Freedom Ministries, we don’t replace you as the parent, however, we heartily desire to come alongside you and equip you as we together, build spiritually healthy homes that glorify Christ.


This is a process, not a program. Dedicating your child (family) is so much more than five minutes on the stage for one weekend - it's a journey that lasts a lifetime! Through this, we hope to get you started on the path to raising the next generation to not only put their faith in Christ but also live out their faith in their daily lives. Our heart is to encourage you along the way, walk beside you in the times of celebration, and yes even be there with you and for you in times of struggles.


Family dedications at Freedom are for married couples, single parents, and those who have chosen to adopt families of their own. Family dedications are scheduled events but can be done anytime a family is ready to commit to raising their family as God has said. To schedule a Family Dedication, please fill out the registration form below and someone will contact you.

Upload a picture of child(ren) or family if you like here:

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