Easter Devotion 9

Help me live in such a way, Lord, that everything about me give me away as one of Yours.


Luke 23:4, Then Pilate said to the chief priests and to the people, “I find no fault in this Man.”


Christ walked the sin-stained soil of this earth yet remained perfectly pure. He was tempted in every way but was without sin. When Jesus was thrust before Pilate, the crowds were adamant that He was a danger to society. Scripture says they “insisted” on their accusations (Luke 23:5). Yet when Pilate spoke with Jesus and surveyed the situation, he could find no guilt in Him. Jesus was innocent, pure, and unspoiled by the sin around Him. That’s why we are able to trust Him. He endured the same sinful world that we now endure, dealt with the same temptations, and felt the same pain. Jesus knew what it was like to lose loved ones. He had tested the sting of fickle friends. Yes, Christ was very well acquainted with the muck and mire, and yet He still emerged as the perfect Savior.


Let us not forget that the road to the cross was long. There were many hardships and heartaches along the way. It wasn’t an easy journey. The path was not well paved, free of all storms, or lined with tulips. But just as the lily is all the more beautiful because of the  mud from which it comes, Christ is all the more beautiful because of what He endured for us.


Have you ever looked at your past and been fully aware that it was only the grace of God that brought you to where you are today? It’s difficult to see the hope on the horizon when we are covered in mud of the here and now. Only in looking back can we see how far He has brought us. God has a way of lifting us out of the muck and mire (Psalm 40:2).