Easter Devotion 20

You are all things beautiful, Lord, and there is nothing on earth that compares. Keep my heart forever seeking You.


John 19:40, Then they took the body of Jesus and wrapped it in linen cloths with the spices, as is the burial custom of the Jews.


Jesus was that guest for Mary, Martha, and Lazarus. In the story in John 12. Martha served a special meal, and Lazarus sat with Him and talked. But Mary thought that wasn’t enough. She took a rare jar of perfume, potentially the most expensive thing she had, and broke it over His feet. She didn’t give Him a simple spritz, saving some for later. She didn’t just share a bit of her best as a kind gesture. She broke it, beyond repair, and spread it on her Savior’s feet with her own hair. That’s beyond hospitality. That’s worship.


When Judas criticized her for being so wasteful, Jesus told him, “Leave her alone. She has kept this for the day of My burial” (John 12:7). His burial. All Jesus’ talk of His death must have been hard for the disciples to hear. But maybe Mary looked at her brother – Lazarus, who was raised from the dead – and wondered if her Lord was not subject to death’s finality. She gave her all in an exuberant act of worship – anointing for burial the One who defeated death.


Later, when Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea anointed Jesus’ body with seventy-five more pounds of spices, the job was complete. He was buried according to custom, but He rose according to God’s miraculous power, fulfilling prophecy and turning sorrow to unspeakable joy.


This season, when you think of Christ’s burial, remember Mary and pour out your very best to Him with a grateful heart. Whether it’s showing hospitality in His name, worshiping in spirit and truth, serving those who are hurting, or giving of your resources, don’t hold back. He is more than worth it.