Easter Devotion 17

I choose You, Lord. I choose You as Savior and Lord.


John 19:25, But standing by the cross of Jesus were His mother, and His mother’s sister, Mary the wife of Clopas, and Mary Magdalene.


Many times in Scripture, individuals are not specifically named for us. For example, we don’t know the names of the thieves who hung on the cross by Jesus at Golgotha, or the names of the soldiers who tortured Him. We can only assume that we weren’t given their names because, in those instances, it wasn’t critical that we know.


But some names are important, such as those that John listed by name in his gospel. They were important and they were included because they were Jesus’ people. They were the ones who had walked with Him, talked with Him, and lived life with Him – Mary, His mother; Mary Magdalene; and John, the beloved disciple. They were Jesus’ people, and they stood watch there with Him, at the foot of the cross.


This Easter season, pay careful attention to the people who surround you – who are closest to you. Look them in the eye and call them by name. The ones who choose to do life with you matter. There will be a time when you’ll look back and recall the very moment you’re in right now. It won’t matter that the Enemy mocked, and you won’t bother remembering those who were just passing by. But you’ll smile fondly when you speak the names of those who loved you – your people.