• Bible Growth Groups at Freedom

    What is Bible Growth Groups? It is simply the discipleship of one believer with another believer in order that they may grow deeper in the love of Christ. Discipleship is an extremely important part of our church.

    We desire to see Christians growing in their relationship with Christ, thereby becoming fruit bearing disciples of Jesus Christ. Many times discipleship classes are very academic in nature, attempting to teach people the ďdosĒ and ďdonítsĒ of the Christian life. This is not the goal of our discipleship plan.

    Our focus is to teach people how to develop a closer relationship with Christ. We desire for people to clearly see their identity in Christ, as well as their absolute completeness in Him.

    Listed below is a brief synopsis of each lesson. If you would like to sign up for one of our discipleship growth groups, click here and this will take you to our Connect page.

  • Salvation Ė A New Beginning

    This lesson explains what biblical salvation is, and what eventually follows true salvation. It teaches the Christian that the essence of the Christian life is Christ in you, living His life through you. The Christian life is not about rules, but a relationship with a person Ė Jesus Christ.

  • Eternal Security Ė Forever Accepted and Loved

    This lesson explains why a believer can never lose their relationship with Christ. We stand absolutely secure in the Fatherís love.

  • The Church and the Christian

    What composes a local church? Why is it important for a believer to be part of a local church? What is the primary function of the local church? What should be the Christianís response to their church? All of these questions are answered in this lesson.

  • Prayer

    What is prayer? Why should the Christian pray? When should the Christian pray? What should the Christian pray for? How do we pray? This lesson will enlighten the believer concerning all of these questions.

  • The Holy Spirit and His Role in Your Life

    This lesson explains four things the Holy Spirit does instantly the moment a person believes on Christ. It also explains the work of the Holy Spirit in the believerís life after salvation. What does it mean to be filled with the Holy Spirit? It is absolutely crucial that every Christian can answer this question.

  • Leading Others to Jesus

    One of the greatest thrills and privileges of the Christian is to lead others to a relationship with Jesus. Unfortunately, most believers do not feel comfortable sharing their faith with others. This lesson is both instructive and practical in teaching believers how to share their faith with others.

  • The Word of God

    This lesson gives an overview of Godís Word and explains why Godís Word is a vital part of the believerís walk with Christ. It also teaches the believer how to study Godís Word and gives some practical tools that can be used to study the Bible.

  • How to Live Victoriously in the World and Overcome Sin

    The Christian has been called to be a light in a sin-darkened world, but Biblical separation is not a list of rules. It flows from a close relationship with Jesus Christ. This lesson explains the new nature we receive in Christ at salvation and the two laws that dwell in every Christian. How does the Christian experience victory over sin? It is not through religious rules, formulas or programs. This lesson teaches where victory is found.

  • The Joy of Grace Giving

    The subject of giving has been misused and abused by many church leaders. God is not concerned about the numbers you write on that check; He is more concerned about His relationship with you. Christ longs for you to be close to Him and to look to Him every moment as your source of life. When you are walking with Jesus moment by moment and resting in Him, laws and threats aren't needed to coerce you to give. You joyfully give. You become the cheerful giver of 2 Corinthians 9:7. This lesson deals with the truth of Godís Word and clears up the misconception of the prosperity gospel movement.

  • We trust and hope that you will consider joining one of our groups that are scheduled several times a year or that you will allow us to place you with one of our mentors to disciple you in Godís Word. Remember, just click on the Connect button and fill out the information and put that you want to know more about our Bible Growth Groups.